How to mine ETH? Full Mining Guide

How to mine Ethereum (ETH) on mining pool

  1. Create a wallet address. Download it from official website or use an exchange wallet.
  2. Download a miner:
    * T-rex (Nvidia) recommended by Wooly for Ethash
    * TeamRedMiner (AMD) recommended by Wooly for Ethash
    * Phoenix (Nvidia + AMD)
    * Claymore (Nvidia + AMD)
    * Nbminer (Nvidia)
  3. Unpack miner.
  4. Edit .bat file (choose a one with Eth name), put there your Eth address and WoolyPooly server url:
    For miners from Europe and Russia:
    if you want to mine PPLNS if you want to mine SOLO
    For miners from USA: if you want to mine PPLNS if you want to mine SOLO
  5. Start Eth .bat file.
  • T-rex .bat file example:
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0x0cede69d5b98f39bdecf0a5a26f9e1a208a84396.rig1 -p x
  • Teamredminer .bat file example:
teamredminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0x0cede69d5b98f39bdecf0a5a26f9e1a208a84396.rig1 -p x
  • Phoenix .bat file example:
PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal 0x0cede69d5b98f39bdecf0a5a26f9e1a208a84396.rig1 -proto 3 -coin eth -log 0
  • Claymore .bat file example:
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -eres 0 -eworker rig1 -ewal 0x0cede69d5b98f39bdecf0a5a26f9e1a208a84396 -epsw x
  • Nbminer .bat file example:
nbminer -a ethash -o ethproxy+tcp:// -u 0x0cede69d5b98f39bdecf0a5a26f9e1a208a84396.rig1 -log

6. Check your statistics here

7. Compare your hashrate with chart below:

1066 - 23 mh/s
1070 - 31 mh/s
1070ti - 31 mh/s
P104-100 - 39 mh/s
1080 - 39 mh/s
1080ti - 55 mh/s
2060 - 30 mh/s
2070 - 41 mh/s
2080 - 42 mh/s
2080ti - 57 mh/s
3080 - 100 mh/s
RX470 8gb - 27 mh/s
RX480 8gb - 29 mh/s
RX580 8gb - 30 mh/s
RX590 8gb - 34 mh/s
Vega56 - 43 mh/s
Vega64 - 44 mh/s
RX5700 - 52 mh/s
Radeon VII - 90 mh/s

Why You Should Mine ETH on

  1. We bring money. WoolyPooly is one of the most profitable pools, thanks to PPLNS and SOLO reward systems and lowest (just 0,9%) comission fees.
  2. We offer unique features, such as:
    * vardiff;
    * detailed stats;
    * mining on account;
    * flexible payouts;
  3. Customer service. We support our users most part of the day in several chats:
    - Discord (multi-language support)
    - Telegram
    - Telegram Ru
  4. Reliable team members. We are:
    - Experienced mining pool supporters
    - Miners
    - Entrepreneurs
  5. Dedicated servers. Top performance with an excellent connection.
  6. Short and long term profitable coins. We list only short and long term perspective projects. With good volume, great team and product in general.

Mine with us!

Written by Mining Pool Official Acc ;)

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