Wooly User Accounts

2 min readJul 9, 2020

Wooly user accounts are linked to miner’s email. If you want to create a user account on woolypooly.com — just go to any coin page and type your email in wallet address bar.

Unique features it gives you:

  • one address for all pool coins;
  • changing min.threshold in one click;
  • changing your payout (!) address;
  • disable payout in one click.

Type your password and click on “Signup” button.

You will see notification that your user account is created but it needs to be activated it by email.

Check your mailbox and click on confirmation button.

Congrats, your user account is activated!

So what is your pool account address?

You can find it in your browser URL:

Important! This pool address is the same for all coins on woolypooly.com

User accounts on WoolyPooly give you truly unique opportunities — you can change min.thresholds, change your payout addresses, disable payouts if want to.

Example of activated user account with active mining

At the same time user accounts give us opportunity to make more and more unique features which make mining on WoolyPooly more comfortable and profitable.

Mine with us!
website: https://woolypooly.com/
discord: https://woolypooly.com/#/discord
telegram: https://t.me/woolypooly
twitter: https://twitter.com/Woolypooly_com