WoolyPooly News Digest #1

Hello everyone from Wooly!

This is our first news digest. :) That’s cool, because we have a lot of good ones:

1. Wooly now runs on its own WoolyPooly engine. It does not sound like a Porsche opposite, but now the listing process and pool in general have become much faster.

2. Cortex coin has been added to the pool. This is an Asian project, which (here should be a description of what tasks Cortex solves for peace in the whole world, but let’s be honest — nobody cares) is added on the top exchanges — Binance, Okex, Huobi, Bittrex, has good volumes, stable price, light wallet (made for smartphones so we mine it directly on exchange) and “cold” Cuckoo Cycle algorithm.

According to our forecasts, this is one of the most profitable coins today, higher than WTM top coins. Unfortunately, it ‘s mined only with cards from 8GB on Win 7 or Linux and from 11GB on Win 7/10 or Linux.

Only our Cortex pool supports vardiff.

3. AION pool code has been completely rewritten, or better to say it is written from scratch. With all respect to the AION project, their POW code part is not so good as it should be. Unfortunately improvements we made has not affected the number of orphans, but we still claim that we are the best AION pool. :)

4. Now we have a group of testers. In fact, this is one of the most important part for us. We greatly appreciate your support and we are very pleased when you respond on our help requests. In close future, we will definitely decide how to encourage you but be sure — you’ve made a great contribution to the development of the WoolyPooly project.

If someone wants to join a testers group, PM @aus004.

5. Added support chat to the pool site. If something doesn’t work out and you need support (including moral support) — write us, in most cases we respond promptly.

6. Not news, but a post of respect to the person without whom WoolyPooly would not be as cool as it is. Alex @hidetomoon, our Developer and code guru. A man of extraordinary will and talent. You are the best!

Stay tuned.

Written by

http://WoolyPooly.com Mining Pool Official Acc ;)

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